Creating a positive ethos and happiness culture.

Solution focus approach

To help individuals and groups recognise their strengths and promote their own learning and target setting.

Whole school positive behaviour management

To inspire and encourage leadership, guidance and support through positive attitudes.

Nurturing approaches

Using child development models and to encourage positive classroom strategies that are challenging and rewarding.

Group work

Peer led initiatives and positive class room and whole school empowerment and development of student voice.

Peer led initiatives

Peer massage and peer mentoring - 1 day, 2 day and 4 day training.

Circle time

Whole class, therapeutic, small group activities.

Whole staff training

Improve inter-working relationships, promote understanding and awareness of self and others. Uses proactive interventions to build partnerships, empower individuals and encourage challenge and joint problem solving. Follows recommended advice and guidance from DCSF and promotes positive attitudes and approaches.

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