”One of the most enjoyable courses I have been on”   Primary School Teacher

”Fantastic, it should be part of Curriculum 2000”   T&L Manager

”Good ideas, relaxed atmosphere, good behaviour management strategies”  

”Afterwards the class does seem to be a lot calmer and the behaviour in the playground has improved” Primary School Teacher, Class 5

”One child who is frequently highlighted for being rough with other children is gentle and considerate when in the program” Primary School Teacher, Class 1

”Some children say that they use the 7 minute soother at home with siblings - which is great!” Primary School Teacher, Class 2

”Children are more 'huggy', very calm and responsive after session” Primary School Teacher, Class 3



”I did not know what self-esteem was until I came on this course!”

”I thought I was a good parent. Now I know I am!”

”I hope it continues (peer Massage) as he discusses it with such animation.” Parent of primary school child

”He says it is relaxing and likes doing it.” Parent of primary school child

”She enjoys the calmness of the massage sessions and spending time with her massage 'buddies'.” Parent of primary school child

”She seems more confident in her approach to her peers.” Parent of primary school child

”He likes the feeling of massage, it relaxes him and make him feel good.” Parent of primary school child

”As parents, we think the peer massage is an excellent idea and delighted that this school is taking part in the initiative..” Parent of primary school child



”We think it should be longer!”

”I liked all of it”

”If you are angry it calms you down.”

”You feel relaxed and it gets your brain working.”

”It makes me better.”

”It relaxes me and makes me ready for work.”